Mental Health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Growing up in Nigeria, I didn’t fully grasp the meaning of what mental health meant due to a lack of information on the topic. Mental health was treated as a myth, a white man’s disease that couldn’t affect us because we were strong both physically and mentally. After witnessing an increase in the rate of suicides committed by students and working class citizens in a country that cares little to nothing about them, I decided to create FOQstories, a website that would serve to educate the people and help them to understand that mental health is not a myth, it never was.

My focus would be more on depression because it is a topic I can easily relate to. I used to think there was no way a guy like me could be depressed but after gaining admission into the university, I realized that I was wrong. The university is basically a pressure pot and the chances of falling into depression were pretty high.

Depression is a type of mental health, it is a mood disorder that affects the way you generally do things, it affects the way you think, feel and handle daily activities. It is a loss of interest in things that would normally give you pleasure.

Depression is deadly and it is a leading cause of suicide. Most people don’t even believe that depression is real and that in itself can be quite scary. A kid commits suicide due to depression and the next thing you’d hear is “It’s the devil’s work.” Mental health is a big issue that should be discussed everywhere. Ignorance is not an option.

What is FOQ?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me this question and I laugh every time I hear it. FOQ was a name given to me by a course mate of mine, the great Ofubu Samson, “he’s going to murder me when he sees this.”

The name meant something to me and that’s why I decided to adopt it.

What’s the purpose of FOQstories?

FOQstories was created to help the older and younger generation understand that mental health is not a myth, it is real and it affects a lot of people.

In a country where the pressure is high and stress is at an extremely high level, it is important for people to understand what mental health means and its possible implications and solutions. Awareness is important and that’s why FOQstories exists.