She had to keep running, the creatures wouldn’t stop coming after her, “help me” she screamed into the darkness that seemed to engulf her entire world. The only things visible to her were the trees that seemed to grow in the nightmare that she was in, they were tall and white, with leaves that had thorns growing all over, strange noises were coming from the trees, but she knew she had to ignore them and keep running. The creatures were gaining on her, faster than she could have imagined, the darkness prevented her from seeing the faces of the creatures that were after her, she could smell and hear them but she couldn’t see them.

She wanted to scream for help again but something stopped her, it would only make it easier for the creatures to track her and gain more grounds on her. The best escape plan was to find a spot to hide, she was already beginning to realise how futile it was trying to outrun the creatures that chased after her. She turned a corner and the stench that hit her was overwhelming, rotten bodies formed a pile right in front her, maggots roamed in and out of the bodies like actors performing on Broadway, flies hovered around and vultures were picking on what was left of the bodies that littered the ground. She threw up immediately, heaving out whatever she might have eaten earlier, “what could have done this,” she thought to herself, the bodies were churned inside out, with the intestines splattered all over, whatever did this wasn’t natural. The sounds she heard next indicated that the creatures were closer than they should be. The only way she could escape them was to hide, she looked around and found nowhere to hide, then she looked towards the body and she threw up again…

“I can do this” she whispered to herself. She dove into the pile of bodies that were on the floor and hid right within them.

In a few minutes, the creatures arrived, they smelled of death and corruption, the creatures moved around the site, sniffing everywhere, trying to locate her. The creatures kept going around in circles trying to pinpoint her location. One of the creatures, stopped right in front of the pile of bodies that she was hiding in, the creature sniffed the ground and moved around the pile, inspecting every piece of it.

The creature stopped suddenly and sniffed long and hard before it pulled the bodies apart, she screamed at the sight of the creatures that had been chasing her all night,

“Old….Old….” She tried screaming but the creatures gathered over her and tore into her with their primal strength.

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