Everyone has a story to tell

Haven’t you ever wondered what your quiet friend has been through, the gentle one that says nothing most of the times, all he does is smile and laugh at a few of the jokes that you all make, he contributes when he can just to make sure he’s a little bit useful. What about your funny friends, they look like they’ve it all figured out, like nothing is wrong, like life is just a big joke to them, all the stories they seem to tell are extremely funny ones but what about the stories that indicate their pains, their suffering, the stories that reveal the reason why they joke around all day. What about that friend that seems to have it all figured out, all he ever tells you are inspirational stories,the stories of how he never gave up and how it has worked out well for him, what about the tales of his rejection, of depression, of the feeling that he has a responsibility laid on his shoulders, of trying to act so perfect that he can never be the real him. What about your religious friend that talks about God all the time, Christian or Muslim, the only things he tells you is how God has done this and that, nothing of how he sometimes doubts the God that he’s talking about so much, he doesn’t talk about how scared he is of the end, of how scared he’s of death. “What if I’m wrong,” he says to himself in those few precious moments before bed, “what if there’s no God.”

Let’s talk about the ones with the super weird smiles on their faces, they walk around like nothing can ever bother them, they say all their stories with a smile, they tell you the cherry aspects of their tales, ever wondered about the lies underneath, the horrors that shaped those smiles that stands before you, the mystery behind the ones who never stops smiling.

Stop for a moment, take a deep breath then listen and you’ll hear the truth in the wind, tales buzzing with sorrow all around them, the silent buzz in the air warning you to be careful of that strange smile that seems to know no pain.

Deep within each and every one of us, there’s a story buried within, events and circumstances that has shaped the person that we’ve become. Proud and arrogant, humble and meek, outspoken and quiet, all these have stories attached to them, stories that sometimes need to be heard.

Most times when I listen to people, I’m like wow, so people have actually gone through this much and they can still keep their smile, it’s intriguing and mind-blowing.

Every individual has got a story to tell, mind-blowing tales that would make you cry and laugh, tales that would make you rethink the things you thought you knew about the world we live in, tales that would make you doubt the existence of good and tales that would make you believe there’s good. So many stories lie dormant, most are never told because the utter horror of narrating it destroys the one who experienced it.

The things I’ve learnt from listening to people talk about themselves made me come to a conclusion, stories are a source of strength to every single one of us. Sometimes the tale might be scary like a boy talking about how he wanted to commit suicide, of how the slightly blunt blade that he held in his arms gave him a sense of freedom.

Heartbreaking stories that make you realise that the world really is diverse and that a lot of things are going on. The quiet and humble boy, the one who says sorry for the littlest things, the one that makes you wonder how a creature can be so meek, he has a story within him; the kid was beaten for the littlest things, punished vigorously for trying to express himself. The heartbreakers that derive joy from playing with human feeling, they are like Cupid, shooting their arrows of love all over the place and when an innocent victim catches one, it is withdrawn and the victim suffers. Haven’t you ever wondered about the things that made them who they are, the stories that define them, haven’t you ever wondered about the ones who broke their hearts, who shattered it and left tiny useless pieces right where their hearts should be.

Yes! There’s a story behind everything. Your atheist friend that doesn’t believe in a God because which good God would kill the mother that had loved him from childhood. Which God would make his younger one crippled. Stories help us to understand why the world is the way it is, it gives an insight into the way we make decisions.

To better understand the question WHY there are a lot of stories that you’ll need to listen to. Stories that would shatter your very existence, I’ve heard quite a lot and I’m still planning to hear a whole lot more.

Emphasis on listening isn’t misguided, there’s a reason why it is a very good virtue. The only way you’re ever truly going to figure out the stories is by listening, nobody is asking you not to talk about yourself when conversing with others but you’ve to listen, pay attention to those little details, most times the stories aren’t told outrightly, they are told in very subtle manners because telling it outrightly could break the speaker.

Whenever you hear the words I have nothing to say, translate it to mean, “I have things to say but you just wouldn’t understand.”

You didn’t become you without going through some difficult times, without crying at a corner in your room at night. You became you because of the experience and circumstances that helped shape you, the joy of family and the lack of it, the smiles of friends and the absence of it. We are humans for a reason, the choices we’ve made and those that were made and will be made for us affect us in a number of ways.

On this platform, stories will be told, stories that would make you laugh, stories that would bring tears to your eyes, stories that would get you calling your family and talking to them because they’re still here for you. There are a lot of things to gain from stories and that is exactly why this platform was created. Remember, everyone has a story to tell and just in case you’ve no idea how to tell it, I’m always here to help out. So much is lost because we refuse to narrate our life experiences, share your stories and let’s understand the world TOGETHER.

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